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TRX Personal Transporter Electric Scooter 3 Wheels

The Personal Transporter is back with the popular Zappy Three Wheel Electric Motor Scooter. These stand up electric scooters reach max speeds of 12mph. A powerful motor and the added stability of a three wheel platform makes this near silent electric scooter a breeze to ride.

The Zappy TRX a Human Transporter.

Revolutionary Electric Personal Scooter Transporter 300 watt Engine

The most fun to ride three wheel electric scooter has 300 watts (two 150 watts) belt driven electric motors, it can travel at a max speed of 12 miles per hour and achieve a 15 mile range on one full charge. The TRX style three wheel electric Scooter features a 16" front air filled tire, two 8" rear airless puncture proof tires, and a 125mm Urethane rear wheel for added stability.

The personal transporter scooter is easy-to-operate from a thump controlled throttle and hand brake system. 300 times charge battery life and six hour charge time. Powered by a Rechargeable 36 Volt 7 AH Battery Pack (AC Charger Included). Scooter features a tight turning radius & large standing platform. Maximum capacity of 250 lbs. Standing dimensions: 49Hx23Wx29L". This is a light weight three wheel electric scooter that is suitable for many applications, outdoor or indoor.

The easy to carry TRX style personal transporter scooter has attracted many event goers who have found it very convenient at outdoor events and for daily use. Three Wheel Electric Scooters are Great for all ages, whether riding around the neighborhood or having fun at outdoor activities.

Three wheel electric scooters are more stable than two wheel scooters. As long as the scooter battery has charge, you will ride your three wheel scooter along without using any additional energy. Take your three wheel Electric Scooter to work, school or for fun & play this season. Electric Scooters are versatile mobility vehicles of our time and among the safest to ride around. This three wheel Electric Scooter is an amazing recreational vehicles, whether you're young or old, an electric scooter will provide you with numerous hours of fun and effortless mobility.

Great for kids and adults alike. Get yours today!


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