Gildo Beleski, the Brazilian engineer who invented the trikke. Gildo is the fit guy you see Trikke riding in most of the Trikke video's like "Sidewalk Riding", "Hill Climbing" and "Fitness 2". It's really amazing to see him ride the Trikke on the rear wheels only. According to Gildo Beleski,  the trikke offers a “full-body workout”.

The Trikke vehicle is a human powered vehicle with handlebars, hand brakes and articulated frame that lean while keeping all three wheels in contact with the ground at all times.

Trikke three-wheeled cambering vehicles are human powered machines that utilize Trikke Tech’s patented 3CV technology to allow a rider to propel a chainless, pedal-less device forward without ever touching foot to ground. This elegantly simple construct provides a stable 3-point platform that leans into the turn with the rider while all three wheels remain in contact with the ground. A rider may reach speeds of up to 18 mph on flat ground, ride 50 miles in one day, and climb the steepest of hills (with practice!). Trikke’s design allows the rider to naturally engage his entire body throughout the ride. Legs are active for balancing and shock-absorption and arms punch for power-thrusts and hang on for stability and control. The Trikke 3-wheeler allows you, the rider, to feel the miracle of your own body and mind working in graceful unison.

The Tribred Pon-e is a lightweight, personal, electric-hybrid vehicle; great for green commuting.

NEW Tribred 48V Pon-e: Transportation/Fitness/Joyride all in one vehicle. Lightweight high-performance aluminum frame with lithium battery power.

  The Bikee Balance Bike helps toddlers learn balance and coordination, building confidence before pedaling, and making the use of a pedal bike easier without training wheels.

Trikke 5

The Trikke T5 was awarded both the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2004 and The National Parenting Center 2004 Seal of Approval.

Colorful foot platforms, handgrips, wheels and wind screen are super cool and durable

Dual hand brakes

Steel trailing arms, more heavy-duty platform for trick riding

Trikke T67

The T67 carving vehicle is the perfect ride for kids ten and up or smaller adults.

For bigger kids or smaller adults

Poly wheels for smooth ride

7” poly wheel front, 6” poly wheels back

Very compact and easy to manage

Super-portable fitness machine 
Trikke T78-CS

The T78cs Convertible carving vehicle comes with two rear polyurethane wheels that can be replaced with air tires. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start.
Steel frame, slightly smaller than T8

7” Polyurethane wheels on the rear

8” Air tire on the front

Mounts 7” poly, 8” poly or 8” air tires.

T78 Deluxe

This new model is a perfect blend of the T8-08 and the T78 air. It features the T8 style handlebars, black painted machined rims, animal free leather hand grips, upgraded brake cables, aluminum brake levers, bolted aluminum stem, and black foot decks.

A T78 Air done up like a T8 Sport with special additional features

Air tires

Deluxe handlebars

Upgraded brake cables

Improved traction and a stickier and smoother feel while carving.

 T8 Air / Sport

 The most popular model, the T8 Sport comes equipped with high performance air tires and aluminum rims, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and upgraded components. The T8 Sport is the machine for the real enthusiast. With better traction and a smooth ride, air tires allow you to carve up all kinds of pavement and go for miles.
Set up for all-around utility

Convenient portability

For fun, low-impact core exercise

T12 Roadster

The Trikke 12 Roadster with its customized, high-pressure pneumatic tires and disc brakes pushes the edge of the carving envelope.

Customized for longer rides

Pneumatic tires

Disc brakes

Larger frame

Heavier chassis carries more momentum, easier to keep moving

For fun, short commutes, low-impact core exercise, and more

Trikke Snow Sport Skki

New Snow Sport: The SKKI delivers easy downhill carving for all skill levels. No more ski boots or bindings - just jump on and go!

Trikke Snow Sport Skii
Snow Sport
A whole new kind of ride. The SKKI by Trikke needs no expensive boots or bindings like skis or snowboards require. Step onto the decks, grab the handlebar, and carve down the mountain. 3 points of contact make for stability and speed. A completely new experience!

Trikke Folding System
Trikke models have the patented Quick Release Folding System.  Each Trikke folds down with the simple release of two spring bolt actions.  Models up to the T8Convertible fit in any trunk.  The T12 folds the same but requires a bit more room.

Trikke has a model for every age and size to help your family rediscover the fun and enjoyments of riding together. Whether you have miles of beach front boardwalks or just your own driveway, it's fun to ride even in the tightest of quarters. So mom and dad can jump on and join in the fun for a riot of a time with your kids.
Trikke Maintenance Notes: 
Don't forget, you must add air to your T8-Air or T12 Roadster about every 10 to 14 days.  It's imperative that your tires are at 80psi!

Air In Your Tires!
As always, a reminder on the importance of maintaining optimal air pressure in your pnuematic tires. A loss of 10 to 15lbs of pressure will cause a very sluggish moving machine. Every 10 to 14 days you MUST add air to your tires. It's imperative! For you newbie's you MUST also add air to the tires during assembly. A tid-bit of information on what a lot of riders do is air your tires to 90psi on the rear. We're not telling you to put more air in the tires than manufacturer recommendation but that others do inflate to 90psi and realize improved performance.




Hand Grips
Wheel & Tires
Helmet & Gloves
Water Bottles
Travel Bags
Article The Up-Side of Driving Motor Scooters

Human Powered Vehicles - Bike Trikke Skateboard
by TK Healey

When you think of human powered vehicles what comes to mind?
Most will think of different forms of bikes. There is the bicycle, unicycle, and tricycle. Did you also consider these vehicles? Consider these the canoe, ice skates, roller skates, kick scooter, skis, trikke and skateboard.




Trikke the fun fitness machine.

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