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Sea Doo Sea Scooter Dolphin Personal Water Propeller

Sea Doo SeaScooter

Grip the handles of this sea scooter personal water propeller and fly through the pool, lake or sea as fast as 2 mph and as deep as 10'.
 You'll be able to scoot through the water.
Safety features like protective grilles, auto shut off, dual trigger-control and positive buoyancy—along with a lightweight design—make this model great for both kids (ages 8 years and up) and adults. Runs for 1 hour on an overnight charge. Includes 12V battery.

  • Personal water propeller
  • 2 mph/10' deep; lasts 1 hr. on overnight charge
  • Dual trigger-controls; positive buoyancy; auto shutoff; protective grill
  • For ages 8 years and up
  • Includes 12V battery


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Sea Scooter Personal Water Propeller

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Article Have Fun With A Sea Scooter

Have Fun With A Sea Scooter
By Jakob Jelling

A sea scooter is a water propeller which facilitates the practices of divers as well as it ads fun to their activities. It makes the practice of this sport easier and allows divers to spend their energies in a better way. These devices usually are small and light, providing comfort not only in their use but also in their transportation. Read More...

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