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GoPed Sport Strato S25

Powerboard Gas Scooter
A quiet 2 stroke gas scooter.

The GoPed Sport 'Strato' S25 is Go-Ped's entry level gas scooter. It's a solid, no frills gas powered scooter that's extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

The Go-Ped S25 is perfect for active teens and adults who demand top quality product at a great price. The Sport "Strato" S25 engine features state of the art Stratified Charge™ technology for low emissions, a quieter ride and high fuel efficiency. 
1) The S25 gets nearly 200 miles per gallon.
2) While 99% of all gas scooters can't pass California's tough emissions requirements, this clean burning engine passes the test making it legal for sale in all states.
3) A typical two-stroke gas scooter sounds like an old lawnmower racing down the street.

Stratified Charge technology coupled with noise reducing dual exhaust chambers make the S25 one of the quietest gas scooters on the market. With 1.2 HP under the hood the S25 has plenty of power and torque for fast starts and great hill climbing.

The simple and reliable friction drive system offers a quick response to the throttle. The heavy duty aircraft quality steel frame can support up to 400 lbs. The wide, low riding platform gives this scooter a smooth and stable ride. Go-Ped launched the motorized scooter craze nearly 20 years ago and has been designing the most high-end, innovative and refined scooting machines ever since. Go-Ped's are made in the USA and the company is world renown for its dedication to Go-Ped perfection.

S25 Gas Scooter Specifications:

• Speed: 21 mph
• Range: 40 - 50 miles (that's nearly 200 miles per gallon!)
• Motor: "Strato Charged" 1.2 HP, 25.4cc, Komatsu Zenoah GZ25N14, single cylinder, 2 stroke, air cooled, gas powered engine
(one of the best, most dependable engines on the market).

Handlebar kill switch. Dual exhaust chambers to reduce noise. This engine features state of the art Stratified Charge™ technology for low emissions, a quieter ride and high fuel efficiency.
Handlebar kill switch, dual exhaust chambers reduce engine noise.

• Frame: Patented heavy duty, light weight, 4130 Chromoly aircraft quality steel frame and single sided fork. Aircraft grade 6061-T6 hardened aluminum handlebar. Signature style Go Ped wooden deck.

• Start Method: Recoil pull start and bump (push) start.
Operates using the standard Go-Ped direct drive starting method.
Use the recoil pull starter to warm it up.
After the initial start, the engine is warm and you can bump start the engine (pushing the scooter forward with one foot while standing on the deck with the other).

• Drive Train: A simple, reliable direct friction drive system
(Go-Ped direct drive scooters do not idle).
• Oil Type: 2-stroke oil.
• Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline (high octane recommended).
• Gasoline Mix: 50:1
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 liter.
• Brakes: Caliper front brakes and rear engine compression braking.
• Dry Weight: 22 lbs. • S25 Gas Scooters Dimensions: Length 34"
Width at handlebars 14"
Height 42", Height when folded 12"
Deck (non-skid) 9.5" x 18"
• Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs.
• Tires: High impact lightweight plastic rims coupled with high quality 6" solid natural rubber tires. Solid tires mean no flats!

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