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Pocket-Bikes - Mini Motorcycles

PocketBikes Gas Powered Mini Bikes Pocket-Bikes

Pocket bikes are not only suited to the younger generation, they have been designed for grown men and women as well. Pocket bikes will give you the feel of riding a real motorcycle.

Pocket Bikes and scooters are the biggest trend in the motorized vehicle industry today. Pocket Bikes are designed in class and style of a “mini-motorcycle.” Check out the new Pocket Bike with side car. Frame gives the sleek look of a racing style bike. Top speeds range from between 34-40 mph, depending on the weight and height of the rider. Mini pocket bike is a fully functional scaled sport bike. Lots of fun for the novice to the expert rider.

Pocket Bike - CagllariPocket Bike - MX3Pocket Bike - MX3-RS

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Pocket Bike Parts



Pocket Bike
X-Treme XP-7OO Electric Pocket Bike

X-Treme XP-7OO Electric Pocket Bike
The X-Treme XP-7OO Full Fairing Electric Pocket Bike is an entry level model that gives a fantastic introduction to the world of mini GP racing. This bad boy packs a 700 watt electric motor, that's almost one full horsepower! The XP-700 rockets down the track at up to 18 mph for up to 13 miles. You won't find a lot of extra features on this pocket bike, but it covers the basics extremely well and the price can't be beat. It's solidly built, has front and rear vented disc brakes, tubeless racing slicks, full fairings, plus the look and feel of a real GP racing motorcycle.

Pocket Bike Parts
POCKETBIKES can come with many different parts. They are grouped by name or type. Many parts are interchangeable and are the same as on other bikes. Check out the performance section for ONE OF THE MOST EXTENSIVE SELECTION OF UPGRADES ANYWHERE!


47cc Pocket Bikes
49cc Pocket Bikes

Parts for 49cc "Cateye" type pocket bike.

The X6 is made by one company in China so the parts are fairly consistent. This pocket bike comes in both a four stroke and two stroke/CVT model.

49cc X8 Super Bikes

Parts for 49cc X8 model Super Pocket Bikes and Mid Bikes.
X7 FS529 FS529A

X1 and X2 pocket bike parts, APC super bike from national auto chains, Ninja series super bikes.

Parts for the X-12 4-stroke super bikes.

GS-57, X-18 and X-15 Super Pocket bike parts

Parts for the new GS-57 Super pocket bike.

47/49cc Pocket quad parts. These 4-wheelers use the same engine as the 47cc cag style pocket bikes.

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