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The Coleman KT196 off road go kart
is a nostalgic, reliable, affordable off-road go kart that is fun for the entire family. This 2 seat go kart is fully automatic with rack and pinion steering, hydraulic disc brakes and a powerful engine that is 6.5hp will provide great off road adventure.

An abundance of Power
Prepare for some fun times with this particular tandem go-kart that is off-road.

The engine that is 196cc an easy pull-start operation will power you through the trails all day with plenty of muscle. Made out of modern power technology and materials, this go-kart is reliable and powerful by way of its 6.5 HP engine.

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Go Kart Frames - Choosing the Right One for You
By Michael Walker

Karting enthusiasts emblazon the image of the perfect chassis in their minds: lightweight, yet powerfully durable material capable of launching a kart forward without the slightest wear or tear. Rare material that comes with the likes of professionally built popular race-cars like the illustrious McLaren. What about karts that could rip through side turns at speeding bullet speeds without raising a wheel a centimeter above the ground, gliding swiftly like a falco such as the futuristic cars in I, Robot? And along with perfect frames comes perfect tires, tires “grooven” to perfection providing the finest traction and downright freakish controls when running the curve. Read More...

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