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Gas Scooters

Gas Scooters 2 Stroke Motorized 49cc - All Terrain Gas Powered Motor Vehicle - Commuter Scooter

Gas powered motorized scooters that are built to last. If you have become unable to walk long distances but still want to be independent, the convenience of a gas-powered moped is for you. Gas powered motorized scooter are the highest quality of gas scooters. Gas scooters are perfect for racing around the street or driving to the market. You will be pleased with your scooter and can start riding it as soon as you take it out of the box. Gas powered scooters can be as good as any mopeds you see on the road. The suspension system and brakes can all make these high quality scooters selling for a low internet price.


GoPed Sport Strato S25

Powerboard Gas Scooter. A quiet 2 stroke gas scooter. Go-Ped's entry level gas scooter. It's a solid, no frills gas powered scooter that's extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The Go-Ped S25 is perfect for active teens and adults who demand top quality product at a great price. The Sport Strato S25 engine features state of the art Stratified Charge™ technology for low emissions, a quieter ride and high fuel efficiency.  Great low price!

Strato S25 Gas Scooter

Go-Ped RIOT 46

The 2009 Go-Ped Riot 46 picks up where the Go-Ped Riot 29 leaves off. The Riot 46 sports an upgrade to the power plant and tires.
The GoPed Riot 46 weighs in at only 48 lbs. It's designed for maximum fun in a hassle free package that can be carried just about anywhere. The gel-filled seat is adjustable to fit your needs, and also detaches for easy storage.

Go Ped Riot Gas Scooter

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