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X-Treme Scooters
Xtreme scooters are robust scooters. The company XTreme Scooters is the subsidiary of Alpha Product International Inc. and Xtreme Scooters is known to be a trust worthy scooters supplier. They produce electric scooters, gas scooters, sea scooters, dirt bikes & electric bikes. Check out some of their products we offer below.

X-Treme X-6OO Scooter X-Treme X-6OO Scooter
The X-600 is X-Treme's top of the line performance electric scooter. The X-600 tears up the road at speeds of up to 20 mph for up to 18 miles. The 600 watt electric motor provides plenty of power to tackle hills and rough terrain. The X-600 carries a full suspension system including dual spring loaded front shocks and a unique rear mono shock. You can install the heavy duty padded seat kit or leave it off for stand-up riding.
X-Treme X-560 Electric Scooter

X-Treme X-560 Electric Scooter

The X-Treme X-56O electric scooter is a deluxe, high end version of the X-Treme X-360. The Xtreme X-560 hits speeds of up to 18 mph.  The X-560 has everything that makes the X-360 so popular plus a whole lot more, including; a 500 watt motor that can handle hills and rough terrain, front and rear dual spring loaded shocks, front and rear brakes, a full sized front headlight, an oversized seat, chrome motor caps, and full front and rear fenders.

X-Treme X-5OO Scooter X-Treme X-5OO Scooter

The X-Treme X-5OO electric scooter is a big step up from the X-Treme X-250. The X-500 offers twice the power so unlike the X-250 this bad boy hits a top speed of up to 20 mph and can tackle hills and rough terrain. The X-500 also sports extra battery capacity for long range, 10" air filled extra wide tires, brake inhibit, front and rear vented disc brakes, increased carrying capacity, a much larger frame, chain drive, and nice touches like a cool looking engraved deck and BMX style handlebars. It also comes with a seat kit you can install or leave off for stand-up riding. The X-Treme X-5OO folds for easy storage and because it's electric the X-500 is environmentally friendly.
X-Treme X-4OO Electric Scooter X-Treme X-4OO Electric Scooter
The X-Treme X-4OO has more of an "adult" look to it than other X-Treme Scooter models. It's a practical, yet inexpensive option for commuters on their way to work, school or the store. The X-400 is pretty zippy and can reach speeds of up to 18 mph for up to 18 miles. The 400 watt earth magnet electric motor is highly efficient and offers enough power to get you up medium grade hills and rough terrain. The dual front and dual rear shocks make for an extra smooth and comfortable ride.
X-Treme X-36O Electric Scooter
The X-Treme X-36O is fast, fun, and packed with standard features. At under $300 it's no surprise the X-360 is one of our best selling electric scooters. The X-Treme X-36O is a fast scooter and hits speeds of up to 18 mph for up to 18 miles. The 350 watt motor gives it enough torque to handle some light hill climbing and rough terrain. It's sleek, aerodynamic "dolphin" shaped body really catches the eye.
X-Treme X-25O Electric Scooter X-Treme X-25O Electric Scooter
The X-Treme X-25O electric scooter is a larger version of the X-Treme X-140 that offers greater power and a seat. The X-Treme X-25O offers many enhanced features not found on the X-140 for only a few dollars more. The X-250 comes with a 250 watt electric motor, increased speed, a larger frame, increased carrying capacity and a seat.
X-Treme X-14O Electric Scooter X-Treme X-14O Electric Scooter
The X-Treme X-14O is perfect for kids who need an electric scooter that's more heavy duty than the X-Treme X-10, but not quite as powerful as the X-Treme X-250. The X-Treme X-14O offers many enhanced features not found in the X-10 for only a few dollars more. The X-140 comes with a 140 watt electric motor, increased speed and range, a larger frame, brake inhibit, increased carrying capacity, and 8" air filled tires for a more comfortable ride
X-Treme X-1O Mini Electric Scooter X-Treme X-1O Mini Electric Scooter
The X-Treme X-1O mini electric scooter is a great electric scooter for kids. This little electric scooter is perfect for a child making the switch from push to electric. It's a toned down version of those grown up electric scooters they'll be screaming for in years to come. The X-10 comes with features not offered on similar models like a variable speed twist throttle and real hand lever operated brakes.
X-Treme XA-75O Electric ATV X-Treme XA-75O Electric ATV
The X-Treme XA-75O Electric ATV offers a fun, quite and pollution free way to enjoy off-roading. The XA-750 is the largest electric ATV on the market today with great features that include; a 750 watt motor (1 full horsepower), good torque and hill climbing ability, full sized off-road wheels, hydraulic disk brakes, forward & reverse drive, front and rear suspension, an oversized seat, a front bumper/brush guard, electric horn, headlight, tail light and brake light. The XA-75O E-ATV is also a great pit bike ATV and is accepted at most racing events in the pit area for transportation use.
X-Treme XP-7OO Electric Pocket Bike X-Treme XP-7OO Electric Pocket Bike
The X-Treme XP-7OO Full Fairing Electric Pocket Bike is an entry level model that gives a fantastic introduction to the world of mini GP racing. This bad boy packs a 700 watt electric motor, that's almost one full horsepower! The XP-700 rockets down the track at up to 18 mph for up to 13 miles. You won't find a lot of extra features on this pocket bike, but it covers the basics extremely well and the price can't be beat. It's solidly built, has front and rear vented disc brakes, tubeless racing slicks, full fairings, plus the look and feel of a real GP racing motorcycle.
X-Treme XB-5OO Electric Bike X-Treme XB-5OO Electric Bike
The X-Treme XB-5OO is an electric bike that looks like a sleek, stylish electric moped. The XB-500 can be ridden like a regular bike, operate on 100% electric power, or any combination of the two. The 500 watt motor gets you up to 18 mph for up to 18 miles on a single charge. It puts out plenty of power to take medium sized hills. The X-Treme XB-5OO is loaded with nearly all of the same features you find on an electric moped at a fraction of the cost! Explore the standard feature list, it's beyond impressive. Better yet, while you have to register and hold a driver's license to operate a moped, the XB-500 is classified as an electric bicycle.
X-Treme XB-35O Electric Bike X-Treme XB-35O Electric Bike
The X-Treme XB-35O electric bicycle was specifically designed with commuters in mind. The XB-350 can be ridden like a regular bike, operate on 100% electric power, or any combination of the two. It can reach speeds of up to 18 mph and handle some light hill climbing all on motor power alone, it has phenomenal range, dual rear shocks, swingarm suspension, tons of storage space in the front basket, rear cargo box and rack, and a laundry list of impressive standard features. The XB-350 offers the versatility of a bicycle along with the comfort and convenience of a moped.

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