Bikee for Toddlers Learn Bicycle Balance Skills

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Balance Bikes

The Bikee balance bicycle helps toddlers learn balance and coordination before pedaling, building confidence and making the use of a pedal bicycle later simple without training wheels. A great outdoor toy for toddlers and preschoolers.

Bikee Balance Bike for Kids

The bikee was safety tested and approved for US and European markets, strong steel frame, the lightest on the market. Bikee is fun and builds confidence while learning balance. A great outdoor toy for ages 2-5.

The Bikee is also known as a balance bicycle (or balance bicycle), a jogging bicycle, a run bicycle or a walking bicycle. Bikee teaches kids to ride a bicycle with confidence, preparing them for an thrilling future on two wheels.

Bikee contributes to your kid's coordination and reinforces confidence while mastering maneuverability as well as a sense of freedom.  Bikee allows kids to learn how to steer, maneuver and balance while having fun.

Bikee is an fabulous educational toy that can teach your kid how to ride a bicycle without tears, scraped knees and insecurities. Bikee teaches kids to have speed control before they push the pedals of their first two-wheeler.





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